July 2018

hey all!

at risk of sounding like a broken record ( i say this at LEAST every month) happy july! – officially 6 months of the year are COMPLETED! its completely insane to me that its this far into the year and two month ago i just decided where i will be attending school and in less than two months i will move into that school, and to be honest i’m so freaking excited. it seems to be one of the first things on my mind day to day, when i buy things or talk about future plans and its crazy and all VERY surreal.

here are somethings that i’m looking forward to this month!

#1: fourth of july

#2: NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE (lots of these soon!)

#3: more friend time & free time!

#4: making more art & blog design-y updates

#5: reading more – and listening to more audiobooks

#6: sharing more dorm room stuff & actually shopping for it

#7: more summer looks – using photoshop & REAL photos

#8: updates on my LA guide

#9: finally catching up on westworld & other tv shows i forgot about – ALSO big brother is back and its crazy and exciting as usual.

enjoy my friends!



An Update with Kate : Perfectionist

hey all!

happy sunday! i have been so busy y’all that i forgot last month to do an update with kate!

so a few days ago i saw a photo on twitter…




my first action was to laugh, then i actually thought this is so relatable.

i am a perfectionist. no shame in it.

its both a good thing and a bad thing, naturally (as most things can be good AND have flaws)

being a perfectionist is good because it means that everything is always overdone and done to perfection! this means that i will spend ample time on assignments and pieces that i complete. i also love to gift wrap, so if i am wrapping something for you, you better believe that it will have PERFECT curling ribbon over the top that i will have likely spent at LEAST 1o minutes curling.

but being a perfectionist has its downfalls…

its a flaw because i am never quite happy with anything less than the best. as per mentioned before, this means that time is an issue. this means that i will take more time than the average person with things that don’t really even matter. continuing with the idea of gift wrapping, i often mess up my curling ribbon and spend so much time getting annoyed that the curling ribbon won’t curl like it needs to.

its just a thing okay.

i have learned to live with it by knowing that i need ample time to complete my stuff, and then i saw the photo above. i realized how many people feel the same as me, i mean i go to an all girls school and MOST of the girls in my class feel the same way, that they have to be perfect because they have something to prove, whether its to their family or to society, i respect my classmates for this, i get this.

we know that we have to appear as ‘perfect’ most of the time, or someone will judge us, that is just how it works, and its sad but it is true.

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



2 years blogiversary

hey all!

guess what today is?

a very important day in the history of macarons and must haves.

its officially my two year anniversary… or what i like to say is my blogiversary‘ 


i am personally so proud of how my blog has grown and become something that i LOVE LOVE LOVE to do and even something i have considered for a career in.

so in my intense feelings of nostalgia, i am gonna share some memories with y’all of my blog !

(my first post ever) – (first year anniversary post)

^ these are two SUPER CRINGEWORTHY posts!! i don’t even know why man, they are super short and practically contain no content at all!

y’all might not ever remember this (because it has almost been a year since i changed the name), but my blog used to be called macarons and marchesa and i decided to change the name to macarons and must haves because i decided to move away from the less ‘high fashion’ to the more baseline fashion that i actually wear and style in my everyday life.

i want to thank y’all! all my loyal readers out there for sticking with my craziness through thick and thin and for providing an audience for all of my insane and indecisive thoughts.

you guys are always here to help me whenever i need it most, and i thank you for all of the support y’all have given me from nice comments on the posts to nice comments in everyday life.

i hope there will be more years to come with your fabulous support


gatsby says cheers to you!


thank you…

just thank you.

i have the honor to be your obedient blogger



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



An Update with Kate : Teach Me How to Say Goodbye

An Update with Kate : Teach Me How to Say Goodbye

hey all!

so as of tomorrow, August 17th my only sister will be moving into her college dorm.

basically i have two feelings about this…




so basically i am really not sure what to feel.

this is gonna be the first time i have been without her for more than two weeks, so basically its gonna be a HUGE difference for me.

so why am i happy?

because she’s going to a GREAT school (she’s going to USC film school!!). she’s living her dream by going to the best film school in the country that is so high tech and ahead of basically everything.

i am also happy because she won’t be too far, i mean she could have ended up in new york, but instead she will be attending the closest school that she applied to, (which by the way is only like 18 miles to drive to!)

i am also so happy to see her happy and with her people. i am also WAYYY happy because i got to help her put together stuff for her dorm, which is one of my favorite things (i will totally admit this!!)

so why am i sad?

well, like i said before, i have never been away from her for more than two weeks. so this is gonna be such a shock for my life.

when i was a little kid home alone i used to watch the tv, to keep myself busy. and whenever i would watch tv anyway i would always talk to my sister, whatever i saw that i felt like talking about in that moment. so when she was gone i used to talk to her like she was still there, even though she wasn’t just because i didn’t want to feel lonely.

i just feel sad, and lonely, i know i will feel lonely i mean we spent alot of time together. she drove me around and to school everyday and she was someone that i could always talk to and get a completely honest answer. like we would shop together and she would tell me all of her feelings, even though they might make me upset.

she is never afraid to show her feelings and i will really miss her and miss being with her.

so sadly the sad outweighs the happy, and of course i will miss her alot.

so to summarize my feelings i am sharing the song “one last time” from hamilton.

basically in the song, george washington is telling alexander hamilton that he is stepping down and not running for president for the third term. by doing this, he sets a precedent for two term presidents (and thats it!) so in the song, it uses the real lines of george washington’s farewell address and singing behind it. if you haven’t heard the song you really should give it a listen (and you can google it and find a live version too!) i think that listening to the song would give a great way to relate to how i feel right now. but also, the song is very poetic and really speaks to me in the moment.

i love the line from the song “teach me how to say goodbye”, and thats the line that i identify with at the moment. i want to say goodbye, but its going to be very hard for me, so i need my sister to teach me how to say goodbye, and learn that some goodbyes (even if only for alittle while) are necessary even if you don’t particularly want them to happen.

i know at the moment it hasn’t happened yet, but of course i had to put a hamilton reference in of course!!!!


well i hope that y’all enjoyed my post! comment if any of you all have dealt with any of this that you would be willing to share!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)

Update with Kate : ALIGN PANTS

Update with Kate : ALIGN PANTS

hey all!

i don’t believe i have told you, i have been working this summer. which means naturally that i have been doing work and getting paid (SCORE!) but that also means i have extra money in the bank, which i am trying to save up for right now, but…

two weeks ago my sister , alix, and i went shopping, i of course was looking for a pair of lululemon leggings in a light gray color with a certain pattern on them.

i walked in, asked the gal at lulu if they still had them and she told me flat out that no they didn’t have them and in fact she “never saw them even come in the store”, i was so sad. but this lady knows me, (of course) and she knows that i am a sucker for lulu lemon pants so she introduced me to the new pants at lulu called align pants


(this is now where you hear the angelic music followed by a ray of light)

and i asked the lady, okay they just look like black leggings, why are they different from my typical lulus (which i had on that day)

well she told me they are made of a new (lulu) fabric called NULU and also made of lycra.

OK, so what then, because to me that had no meaning what so ever… then she asked me to feel them, i imagined the typical lulu feel kinda cotton strecthy material but not spandex)


i came across a whole new substance, probably the softest material i have ever felt.

now this is where i expect you to say: “Okay well they are soft, but they are still just leggings” (thats where i was -mentally- at lulu that day)

then my favorite lulu lady to proceeded to talk about these pants -they must be special then, right?- she said they are very lightweight and supposed to not be distracting and you are supposed to feel naked

now i stepped back, whats the point of pants if you dont feel them on your body? i was VERY skeptical of these pants

but because this is my favorite lulu lady i decided well, i wil just try them on, no big deal i mean trying on doesnt mean buying the pants.

i got into the dressing room and the lulu employee opened up the big room for me, and i was like sweet, i have room for all of my stuff now!

i proceeded to put on the pants

i pulled them on my calves, and thought “well they feel like butter, but if i continue to pull them up ill start to feel like they are just lulus typical feeling”

and then i pulled them all the way up…

first of all, the feeling, the girl wasn’t lying, you really feel comfy and they are not distracting they are great

second, they are flattering as heck they make me look so good, and then i walked out to show my sister and the lulu girl and (the lulu girls are so nice and they always give you a great sense of self confidence)

so i decided not today, and i just walked away…

but in newport beach i went to fashion island and bought them!!!

im wearing them right now tbh

and they are 100% worth the money

well, i hope you enjoy this lil post about my new fave leggings

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



Happy Memorial Day Weekend (And Update)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend (And Update)

hey all!

i just wanted to wish y’all a happy memorial day weekend!

seeing as i have finals next week and will be studying all weekend i hope that everyone has more fun than i will!

also there will be no post on tuesday (because of my finals)  but i will have a post on thursday!

and up coming i will have pictures from my sister’s graduation and my graduation look!

hope y’all have a great day!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)

An Update on Kate: FINALS!

An Update on Kate: FINALS!

hey all!

so next week is my last week of school! my last week as a sophomore!


bye bye underestimation and an older sister, high school is my game now!




well for starters, i only have four finals



but unfortunately they are for spanish, english, math and bio.

i feel like i have set up myself well for coming into these finals. but they are just so much work and i feel like i am drowning in the body systems and trig functions right now.

and i feel like i haven’t studied enough, this is our review week right now and i have just gone crazy with study guides and flash cards (probably cause i have) but the upside of all of this is my beautiful studyblr inspired study material! I just feel so organized and with MORE stuDYING I will be ready for this…

i just keep telling myself


and everything will be alright


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)