hey all!

august has been a way too busy crazy month for me. i left home, i moved to a new city, i moved into a dorm,  i have 3 other roommates, i started COLLEGE and its all been very  emotional i’m not gonna lie.

so i might as well just go for the month!


i went to the yayoi kusama exhibit in LA with my sister before she moved into her sorority at USC. i wore this super cute outfit AND posted it here! so you can see my outfit in more pictures at the yayoi kusama.


i really enjoyed working at glendale’s americana at brand this summer, i got to experience many more things and i learned alot about working in retail. something i miss most about the americana (was NOT the drive) but the pressed juicery we had with pressed freezes – they were SO good!


in my last few days i was going food crazy because i was leaving a beautiful kitchen and some fantastic food at my house. i miss being able to make these smoothies/bowls for breakfast and i miss cooking overall.


and before i left, my ‘last supper’ was my dad’s famous amaticriana pasta sauce. it was so insanely good and i really wish i had that comfort food now.


my friends and i went to eataly (of course we HAD to) because they have eataly in chicago (where one is going) and in new york (where the other is going). it was so good to sit down and eat with them, it wasn’t the final time i saw them but it was definitely a great ‘fancy’ last supper for us.

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my dad and i went to blue bottle before we left ( i know i have one here but i will miss the cascara fizz in the real summer time).


before i sent my sister off to live at her sorority house she and i had her ‘last supper’ at jon & vinny’s which is an AMAZING italian place on wilshire. we had the ‘LA woman’ pizza which is like margherita with fresh burrata cheese and the spicy rigatoni! it was even better than it looks.

IMG_3967 2

obviously i left for dc, y’all knew that though. on the first day i was here it rained on and off like CRAZY and my dad walked around all day and we were going to visit l’enfant square and i just wanted to show y’all how cool the sky looked.


once i had some free time all on my own i walked to the martin luther king jr memorial. my dad and i visited in april but i went again just to sit and look. it made me feel so calm  and ~alittle but just alittle~ less stressed than i had been before.

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while my dad was still in DC we went to the national building museum. they have a really cool exhibit called ‘fun house’ i have to admit, its really for children but my dad and i had a great time! we sat in the pool ball pit for awhile and took photos with all of the art!


and OBVIOUSLY i started school! today i am ALMOST done with my first week. it has been hard, just starting school so far from home but i am trying and that’s what matters.

enjoy all!



Dreamy Pink Dorm Room

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hey all

i wanted to share sooner rather than later – so i didn’t get too busy my dorm room. as you guys know,  i started school at the george washington university. you do not get to pick your housing, instead it works via a lottery system. you ‘rank’ your housing options 1-10 and you must pick at least one foggy bottom housing option and at least one mount vernon campus option. i’m not gonna explicitly say where i am living, but if you know anything about GW housing you may know but i’d prefer for those who know not to say anything about where i live.

so i moved in a little under a week ago for early move in and i’m pretty sure i am mostly moved in, of course there is always stuff that i need, its hard to stop figuring out stuff you need and obviously needs have changed and everything changes but i’m very happy with my room!

here’s my room:

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here’s my desk! the school provided us with these great desks with plugs in them and these chairs. under my desk i have a pillow for my feet because i accidentally bought and opened a pillow i didn’t need. but for storage in my drawers i have seperaters and boxes, here is some of the stuff i have been using. i also have a few books with me to read and i will share some too!

looker storage box sizes med & small

poppin blush accessory trays

poppin blush larger acessory trays

the devil wears prada book

you are a bada** book 

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here’s the stuff i have on top of my desk, now its a little messy but hey this is how i usually have it so i decided i’d be real with it. i keep most classwork stuff on top of my desk, i keep some files for classes, a book, my headphones, pens and a few knick-knacks.

poppin blush file sorter 

muji acrylic storage 

muji pens



read this if you want to be instagram famous book 


ampersand paperweight

task lamp

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y’all know that i made a few mood boards for my dorm, i even wrote a post about how i made them for my room! to check out how you too can make a mood board check out my post here!

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here’s my bed! if you couldn’t tell so far i’ve got a dreamy pink aesthetic! i just love the blush color so i went all in!

pink kay comforter set (this came with 2 pillows and 2 pillow cases)

baby pink sheets


pillow inserts 

monogram throw pillow 

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next is my closet. i have TONs of closet space. its actually insane storage wise, and i can fit all of my clothes in with actually alot of space left, here’s some of what i use in my closet.

space saving hangers 

target frosted storage boxes

target wire boxes 

 muji frosted storage box

caboodle makeup storage 

nordstrom pink carry on luggage

shower caddy

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

and finally, my photo wall. i used my pinterest board aesthetic

and printed photos from there. i took everything that fit my ‘pink aesthetic’ and got so many good pics!

enjoy my dorm room all!


Fall Look : Vol. 2

hey all!

sorry i’ve been MIA here since monday i did the whole ‘moving into college’ thing and it was a lot of work. i am getting used to living with new people and i pretty much either was at orientation all day, exloring all day or sleeping. so bare with me in this tuesday/thursday/(saturday?)/sunday schedule because i am transitioning in, and so far it has been FAR from easy, so i’m here to share all that with you all and tons of other stuff along the way as well! a cool partnership is coming, dorm posts are coming and more outfit and lookbook posts are coming, so definitely stay tuned and bare with me!

today for y’all i have a ‘fall look’ post so here’s a few disclaimers:

($ this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized $)

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here’s the look:


/ top : moon river surplice crop top / pants : topshop topper utility trousers / sunglasses : ray ban 53mm polarized round sunglasses / bag : trademark harriet leather shoulder bag / shoes : topshop gainor slingback pump /

so i’m absolutely in love with the whole safari traveler chic trend going on right now, so this look was inspired by that! i have these super cool topshop pants that are perfect for the end of summer and into fall. the material is thick but not too thick and they are pretty versatile going with many patterns and colors. with the pants i have paired this super cute wrap top. i love the material and color, i am absolutely obsessed with it as a set and think its TOTALLY safari chic. then i paired the look with some plain slingback pumps, this REALLY cool green purse and a pair of my favorite black ray ban sunglasses.

enjoy all!



Teach Me How to Say Goodbye (Pt. 2)

hey all!

*this was supposed to be posted last night but i got so emo and had to take a little longer to finish it but here it is!*

its official. tonight i am flying to DC to move into my dorm room at the george washington university in the heart of the city. as i reflect on all of my emotions, i was remembering back to a post i wrote when my sister left for college (granted it was only 15 miles away and she came back for thanksgiving, something i will NOT be doing),i had so many feels i felt as though i should blog about it, because what is this blog if i don’t inject my feelings into it!

‘teach me how to say goodbye’

anyway, i think at this point in my blogging journey i am WAY different when i was then, but my feelings then, were all still valid but i feel that now i can express them differently than before, but one sentiment that came to my mind that i reflected on in my post about my sister was the immortal lines from the song ‘one last time’ from the musical ‘hamilton’ and they state:

“Teach me how to say goodbye.” – sang by George Washington, written by Lin Manuel Miranda

basically in the song, george washington is telling alexander hamilton that he is stepping down and not running for president for the third term. by doing this, he sets a precedent for two term presidents (and thats it!) so in the song, it uses the real lines of george washington’s farewell address and singing behind it. if you haven’t heard the song you really should give it a listen (and you can google it and find a live version too!).

but even more than before, i feel as though this is a perfect song for my emotions. i will be moving to WASHINGTON DC, and attending GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, and of course george washington sings these lines. so of course i am deeply affected by this song because of all of these little coincidences, but basically :

i want to say goodbye, but its going to be very hard for me, so i need to teach myself how to say goodbye, and learn that some goodbyes (even if only for alittle while) are necessary.

a new experience

i am moving out of the only home i’ve ever lived in, in the only city i’ve ever lived in, with the only people i’ve ever lived with. so if it already isn’t a totally big change going to college, it will be a super big change moving out of my house and moving to a whole new coast.

this is easily the biggest life change i’ve ever had. when i went from elementary school to high school i was going with 14 girls from my school (some of which i’d known for 9 years) and i was still in my own city. it wasn’t a big move at all. i was totally ready for it and high school definitely prepared me to be the person i am today, i wouldn’t change it for the world AND i loved attending a small all girl school.

i will be attending a school in washington dc with approx 12,000 students where i will be living in a dorm with 3 (!!!) other people. it will be something i have clearly never before experienced in my life. i am ready for the new experience but i am not quite ready to say goodbye to being a child. man, i KNOW its been a LOONG time coming, i have been driving for TWO YEARS (thats responsibility!), i have turned 18 (so i’m a LEGAL adult), i have had 3 jobs and i can freaking go to my DOCTOR by myself. so its not like i am unfamiliar but i am just so nostalgic now and feel sad about growing up.

saying goodbye

ugh. this is the part that makes me sad. this is probably the hardest part about leaving. the goodbyes. to my home, my friends, my parents, MY DOG, my sister, my city and countless other things. no, i know that its time but and i AM ready to leave but i am sad i won’t be able to see these places, people or things until december.

somethings have been much harder than others to say goodbye to. and obviously, thats going to be the case always but its actually sorta refreshing realizing that i’ve outgrown certain things in my life.

but honestly most things i haven’t outgrown. my family that is for sure. i mean i’ve only like not seen my parents for a few weeks at a time and i’ve only ever lived with them. and i’ve lived with a dog for longer than i haven’t in my life and i am seriously going to miss his pig self.

so these saying goodbyes have been hard, but of course they are necessary and they are only really goodbye for now.

so how will blogging fit in?

this is a big question i get more often than you might imagine. will i keep blogging in college?

my answer: yes.

my blog has always been in my long term plan. and honestly if i didn’t ABSOLUTELY love what i was doing i wouldn’t even bother with it. blogging will NOT be something i will say goodbye to. i may farely be saying ‘see you once a week’ (instead of the current 3 times) but i had always planned to be a college blogger and right now i have some INSANELY cool things in the works for y’all and its probably the thing that makes me the happiest in my life, so my blog will (hopefully) forever be my insane passion project.

in conclusion

so 1) saying goodbye is hard 2) saying goodbye is necessary 3) continuing on in life is necessary 4) make time for what you love

thank y’all for reading my insane brain and as always:


Fall Look: Vol 1

($ this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized $)

hey all!

3 days left. and fall is coming upon us sooner rather than later. i might be one of the few, but as soon as it hits september 1st, it is fall! but this year it’s felt like fall sooner than any year so far. because i’ve found just SO MANY cute fall clothes lately from tons of different places so i thought, why not just start with all the fall looks TODAY! so of course i put together an outfit for y’all!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here’s the look


/ shirt: topshop scallop edge tee shirt / pants: topshop benny camo crop pants  / bag: marc jacobs hip shot belt bag / shoes: nike air force 1 ’07 sneakers /

i’ve been LOVING camo lately. these topshop pants are so cool! i love the high rise style and how crazy deep the pockets are. i just paired it with a plain tee – something i’d surely wear! and of course my favorite nike air force 1s and a black belt bag.


Must Haves: Back to School

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hey all!

its so sad, but its the end of summer. i have 5 days till i land in DC! and i’ve been seeing all of my friends already going back to school and although its hard sometimes to face it, back to school is OFFICALLY HERE, and i’m not even early like overreacting because its here. if you guys have been around here for awhile you KNOW that i love back to school shopping. of course you guys have seen my dorm stuff but here are some of my back to school must haves for 2018!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!


/ #1: kate spade polka dot lunch bag / #2: mildliner highlighter set / #3: ‘i am very busy’ ban.do 13 month planner / #4: s’well pink water bottle  / #5: pbteen gray lunch totebag / #6: longchamp le pliage cosmetic bag / #7: ‘art everyday’ poketo notebook / #8:  madeleine and co green backpack with pink and white stripes / #9:fjallraven kanken backpack / #10:muji set of rainbow .5 pens / #11:‘extra’ cosmetic bag / #12: muji .38 black ink pens / #13: apple air pods / #14: kate spade ‘get to the point’ pencil box / #15: s’well x lilly pulitzer water bottle /

enjoy all!












My Favorite Breakfast

My Favorite Breakfast

hello all!

so i’m pretty sure i can say one thing to make all of you mad in an instant and think: why kate?  well here it is:

i don’t (usually) eat breakfast

yeah, i said it. feel free to blow up in the comments. but pretty much all of my life there has been a daily fight with one or both of my parents about how i : a) didn’t eat breakfast that morning or b) how i refused to eat breakfast today. yeah, its been something that more or less never felt natural: breakfast. you know i didn’t really get hungry in the mornings till about 10 – and i’d snack in my classes around then anyway! but ever since i’ve been running in the mornings i come back starving. since i’ve never really been a breakfast gal i’ve been attempting to find my ‘perfect breakfast’ and i’m pretty sure i’ve found it, a smoothie.


i’ve talked about this in the past, but this is my smoothie recipe, and i can either drink it or eat it as a smoothie bowl!

here’s the recipe:

1 packet of TJs or sambazon acai

1 cup cold brewed green tea (how to complete in steps below)

1 whole frozen banana

unlimited assorted fruit either fresh or frozen


#1: the night before you plan to make your smoothie, fill a cup with cold water. insert a bag of tea (which ever you want, but i choose green tea always!). let sit in your refrigerator overnight.

#2: take out acai packet, run under room temp water and break up in the packet for easier blending

#3: fill blender with the rest of your fruit, begin to blend.

#4: add cold brewed green tea until desired consistency – i like mine a little icy (similar to a slushy)!

#5: remove from blender out onto a glass or a bowl. top with your favorite toppings or enjoy plain!

so guys – thats pretty much my ‘go-to’ breakfast. i love the taste and texture so i’m consistently going back to this fave and eating breakfast ~almost~ every day.