The Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

The Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

hey guys!

you *might* have seen from my instagram, (or the title of this article) but i went to the museum of ice cream this weekend!

if you didn’t know,

the museum of ice cream is an interactive museum in the arts district of los angeles which prominently features the theme of ice cream – i mean duh the name itself says ice cream!

who better than an ice cream fanatic like me to check it out!

so below i am gonna share some of my favorite photos from the museum and some reviews! here we go!


the museum is more or less famous for the sprinkle pool, a little room where there is a small size pool filled with sprinkles, and before i let you be too grossed out, the sprinkles are actually just little pieces of plastic and not even real sugar.


i really enjoyed my time in the museum. i loved the brightly colored rooms and all of the slight puns and jokes made of ice cream.

basically, in every room they actually give you ice cream! i just thought they give you a cone when you are done, but no they actually give you one in ~almost~ every room. i tasted some really good ice cream – but the portions were all kinda large and i did not even realize how much ice cream they actually gave you. this DEFINITELY warrants the suggestion that you should probably go in the afternoon – i went at 11:30 and it kinda messed up my eating schedule for the day – but i was willing to do that for the ice cream.


also the museum is a one-way museum. no going back. so move at a speed you feel comfortable about because you will not be able to go back. honestly don’t  rush yourself, if you feel like the other people in the room are rushing you – don’t pay any attention to them.

it was such a cool experience, and i definitely had a blast in the museum of ice cream! i hope you enjoyed – and if you are an instagram fanatic and the tickets open back up its super fun to go!


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Things I am Looking Forward to in October

Things I am Looking Forward to in October

hey guys


crazyness crazyness crazyness.  lets get started why don’t we…

things i am looking forward to:

  1. my 3rd blogiversary: 3 years! its INSANE, i have SO many fun things planned and i am so excited for you guys to see all of it.
  2. my fall arts night: i have put so much work into my ap studio art so i am so so so excited to share what i have going on in art!
  3. rose court announcements: monday! seriously tomorrow is the announcement, of course i will be sharing photos and videos from the event – and i am honestly SO HONORED to even get this far from 1,000 girls!
  4. taking the SAT again: i have put SO MUCH work into my SAT prep, i am excited to take it again to see the results and hopefully, it will all get better.
  5. i’m going to the museum of ice cream: seriously one of the cutest places in LA, and i am so excited to go and take a ton of pictures and jump into the sprinkle pool – like seriously how cool is that.
  6. fall weather & many more almond milk PSLs: its been hot this past week so i am hoping that the weather becomes more bearable soon so that i can drink more lattes and wear more fall clothes!
  7. getting my art portfolio together: as i mentioned i have been doing a ton of artwork so i am hoping that i can finish some of my stuff soon!

i hope you guys enjoy!


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September Month in Review

September Month in Review

hey guys!

sorry this article came a little late. i’ve had an absolutely CRAZY week, but lets get started why don’t we!

i started off the month going to school



this is a picture from the senior locker room, which we paint every year under a different theme. this year we pick candyland, and i painted a lot of it and i LOVE it. i seriously  just love sitting in the bean bags in the locker room and looking at the candyland walls!

i started putting together a feminist shirt collection


like everyone should have one. i love my ‘females of the future‘ shirt – first of all its SUPER comfortable, its also super cute paired with my denim skirt – also it would just be awesome with leggings like at the market and such. it can be dressed up or down, that’s why its on my ‘fall wishlist’

i shared my trying out for the rose court outfit


i wrote this blog article about how i tried out for the rose court. i wrote about my favorite lilly pulitzer for target dress – after all these years who could imagine! this whole process has been so crazy and exciting!

i went to the royal ball for trying out for the rose court


i mentioned this in my post about trying out, but when you try out for the rose court you get to go to a special event called the royal ball. i went with a whole group of my friends and met some of my other friends there too! the ball was so fun because there were so many people there and there was this cool carriage where we took photos in!

and i have actually made it to the last round



here i am with a few of my friends who are also in the last round! its so exciting to be amongst the finalists especially with so many girls who are so fantastic! i wish we could all make it – because i have met so many unique girls who are so fun!

i took some golf team pictures, and i miss my golfers who graduated


i take my annual golf photos usually with my friends from the team, but since i am a senior they have all graduated and left me 😦 which makes me really sad because i miss them but i am so so SO glad it is my last season.

my sister and i saw hamilton


i wrote my hamilton review article this month – and i am still thinking about it day by day, honestly it was SUCH an amazing show!

thats pretty much this entire month! its all gone kinda fast and i really can’t even believe it myself!

i hope you enjoy!

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Fall Wishlist 2017

Fall Wishlist 2017

(this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized)

hey all!

i have an absolutely crazy life right now – and i can’t even begin to explain it you guys – yet! – but i’m so excited to continue sharing fun things on the blog and many great things ~coming soon!!!!

since its officially ~fall~ i felt like i needed to do a wishlist! i mean its like 90 degrees today yet i still feel like i needed to do a fall wishlist – of shoes, bags, and clothes! i am totally into fall, eating my maple pumpkin spice walnuts and drinking my pumpkin spice tea i am in it! for some reason, i am really ~feeling~ fall this year.

again, just as a note to all my readers – ‘wishlist’ does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

so let’s get to it why don’t we!

  1. j.crew “rue saint-honoré” t-shirt: i have been totally into styling t-shirts with jeans and denim skirts – and i think that the look is so adorable for fall. i also just love j.crew, this ‘rue saint-honoré’ is so so so cute – because it has lowkey france vibes with a super simple vibe too!
  2. kate spade polka dot mini wallet: wallets are so necessary – and like whenever i wear matching items for some reason i feel better when my wallet matches my purse. since black is such a basic color, i think this wallet would look so cute with any black purses. also kate spade just has the best wallets.
  3. tory burch georgia stripe leather tote: i love this purse, i always love tory burch purses but this one is so adorable! i love the green stripe down the front and think that its honestly so so perfect & a really good size.
  4. levi’s wedgie straight leg cropped jeans: i love mom jeans – these jeans are supposed to be amazing on – and perfectly fit your body and hug your curves perfectly. just in general i love this jean style and think they’d be perfect for fall.
  5. topshop patch pocket a-line denim miniskirt: this skirt has a great 70’s vibe, i feel like dark green, mustard-like 70’s would totally be this vibe and i think that would be perfect for fall. the zipper on the front with the circle zip is just so cute!
  6. topshop studded miniskirt: i love topshop’s denim skirts. they are super soft and well made, they also fit really well. i love this specific skirt because of the studs on the denim. i love the studs and think it would pair really well with any of the t-shirts – and i love pairing my t-shirts with denim skirts.
  7.  nike ‘classic cortez’ sneaker in bone: i LOVE my cortez, i have the blue and red ones – and they are so cute with my school uniform, but i think these cortez in bone and gold are so perfect for fall. i think this would be so cute with the j.crew t-shirt and the a-line miniskirt with the tory burch bag and the kate spade wallet.
  8. fjallraven ‘mini kanken’ backpack: i also love this backpack, this green color looks all good for fall. i love this kinda olive neutral color, and think this is a perfect size backpack to wear anytime, i love my fjallraven while traveling or at disneyland.
  9. topshop ‘females of the future’ t-shirt: this is my go-to t-shirt. i honestly wear it all the time with my embroidered denim topshop skirt and my red and blue nike cortez. i think this t-shirt is also an awesome statement – and i honestly have so many people comign up and talking to me – its a great conversation starter!

do you see a color theme here? lol!

anyway, i hope you guys really enjoy my favorites! let me know down below what your ‘fall wishlist’ includes!


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Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts Recipe

Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts Recipe

hey all!

DONT HATE ME – okay i waited this long – for that you should be proud of me! but i had a pumpkin spice latte last saturday (and not yesterday, the saturday before then). its september so i am feeling the ~fall vibes~ and i started making this snack – its perfect to bring to school, work or stash in your bag as a snack, and i love them on top of oatmeal or in a trail mix too!

so here we go why don’t we!

Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Print


2 Cup of Walnuts

1/3 Cup of Maple Syrup

Pumpkin Pie Spice to Taste

Sea Salt to Taste


  1. Cut or prepare walnuts to the desired size. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.
  2. Measure out the maple syrup.
  3. Use a medium-sized frying pan, under a light heat – and heat up the maple syrup till its lightly bubbly.
  4. Throw in the walnuts and stir in the desired amount of pumpkin pie spice – I prefer about 1 tsp but you can decide.
  5. Then after a few minutes of combining the ingredients,  dump the walnuts onto the prepared baking sheet with lined paper. Immediately, sprinkle some sea salt over the top of the walnuts – as desired.
  6. Once the walnuts have cooled ~ about 20 minutes, enjoy!

i hope you guys enjoy this recipe! please let me if you try it out and like it!


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My Favorite LA Places

My Favorite LA Places

hey guys!

i hope you enjoyed my previous #LAGUIDE post on my favorite LA restaurants, since i covered food (truly the most important aspect of travel) i am moving on to my favorite LA places to go!

all photos are either from me or my amazing photographer sister alix! like always, these places i share photos from are places that i like to go to – and i honestly highly suggest looking at each of these places.

in no particular order, here we go!

for a place to take cute pictures outside…

the girls tour wall on melrose

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my sister and i went here a few months ago and we took some cool photos there because the wall is super cool and easy to get to. we just parked on the street and walked up to take photos with the wall!

if you are interested in attending a sports game here, try out…

dodger stadium

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if you know LA we didn’t used to have football teams here – and for most of my life (up until about last year) we didn’t have teams – we had USC and UCLA for football and i feel like pretty much everyone here is a dodgers fan.  nothing beats going to a dodgers game – seriously if you have never been you should go because it’s so much fun.

if you’d die for the #aesthetic then you should go to 

beverly hills hotel

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i know i said that the girls tour wall is aesthetic – but for me the beverly hills hotel is the ultimate aesthetic. all pink and green, you can go and visit, you can go and stay, you can go and have brunch – honestly its just one of the prettiest places ever to take pictures!

if you want to visit a super cool and FREE art museum go to the…

the broad

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the broad is so amazing! there is so much cool art there – but the advice i do have about the broad is to look for tickets in advance, don’t expect to just walk up to the broad and get in for that day – because it won’t happen!

if you are interested in going shopping / eating and having fun in a super cool community you should try out…

the arts district

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the arts district has good food, good ice cream, good coffee and cute and cool shops and place to visit. its honestly not in the ~best~ area but it is really getting better and since there are so many people walking around its pretty safe!

if you are in DTLA and are looking for a place to eat and walk around, try out the…

grand central market

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i’ve definitely talked about GCM before, and places in it. GCM is super fun because you can go with friends, shop around, each getting something different – and all get some mcconnells ice cream – so there is no way to lose there!

if you love modern art which some super cool exhibitons, go to…


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i feel like most people have heard of lacma, or even see pictures of it. its a super cool museum with many cool pieces and exhibitions inside and its super easy to go with family and then get food – it makes a really fun morning or evening!

if you wanna go somewhere that is totally classic LA go to the…

griffith observatory

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now if you have seen LA LA LAND you definitely know about this one, its the scene where they are having a date and then they dance in the stars, you one the one. anyway, the observatory is great to walk around and see LA from all angles and see the stars if you go there at night!

if you are here in the summer, and you wanna go to a concert, go to

the hollywood bowl

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many people live in LA without ever going to the hollywood bowl, and i can’t believe that because its honestly such a cool place! you can go and find tickets for the nosebleed seats for a cheap price – but i also think that you can just go and check it out!

if you wanna go to a super #basic place for shopping and eating go to


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melrose has so many cool shops and restaurants to stop at. and even though it might be above you budget, its super fun just to get coffee and look all around and walk in melrose!

and honestly, last but not least,

downtown la

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obviously DTLA has so many places to go, and just walk around!

i hope you guys enjoy my LA favorite places! and if you need more LA suggestions, honestly just contact me on instagram or on the contact page on my blog.


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