East Coast: New York

hey all!

i am back again with a post about my trip to the east coast! i know it seems drawn out but i wanted to share with you guys all about my trip! also just random update: i just finished 13 reasons why on netflix, and i am telling y’all if you are in high school – or older, of course, you should really watch this series because not only is it extremely groundbreaking but it tackles the tough subjects of life in a way that can be extremely relatable.

anyway, here we go!

new york

so basically how our trip was divided, we went directly from boston to brown, connecticut college and yale for day 2


all of the schools i visited were awesome! every school had awesome tour guides and many cool programs and specialities to over students. i am definitely considering some of these schools  (all of the ones i have visited that is) to apply to next year! and then followed with a free evening in new york.

and then, since yale is not too far, we drove to new york and had a free evening in new york.


i visited eataly for the second time in my life, and for the second time in my life i had the life-changing bucatini all’amatriciana from eataly and let me tell you it was just FANTASTIC! if you didn’t get it, i love italian food!

and then, by a suggestion from one of my sister’s friends who goes to school in new york we went to amorino gelato and got one of the pretty roses


and then we walked around times square and took photos



and the following day we visited nyu and had free time in new york!


i decided to go to cha cha matcha, which is cute and if not cuter in person than it is in photos


i hope you enjoy my photos and look for more on instagram in the days to come!


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East Coast Trip : Boston

hey all!

if you have been reading my blog recently or even looking at my instagram recently you might have known that i have been on a trip to the east coast.

so today i wanted to share more details about my trip!

here we go!

our first stop was boston!

in boston we visited


some universities like boston college, boston university, harvard university and northeastern

and of course, on a trip we had limited free time and we were allowed an hour in harvard square to get dinner and wander around


so for dinner, i went to shake shack (even though now we have it here in california) because i wanted a quick eat before getting ice crem at jp licks! the ice cream was awesome and i continued to find good ice cream places on the rest of the trip.

i hope you enjoyed my review of boston!


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Espadrilles for Spring

hey all!

happy thursday!

i am so happy because its warming up here in california and i am so excited to pull out my summer dresses and cute brunch outfits! since they have been so popular this season so far, i wanted to share some of my favorite espadrilles!

here we go!

  1. Women’s Maren Lace Up Wedge Espadrille Sandals – Merona
  2. Women’s dv Carissa Closed Toe Espadrille Wedge Sandals
  3. Women’s dv Manica Ghillie Espadrille Wedge Sandals
  4. ‘Randall’ Platform Wedge

  5. Reagan Sandal

  6. Bestow Wraparound Wedge
  7. Jody Ankle Tie Espadrille

i hope you enjoy!


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My East Coast Journey

hey all!

i am back in california!

and my trip was fabulous.

if you did not know, i was fortunate enough to visit the east coast for 6 days to visit some universities in which i am considering attending in about a year! so actually today i just wanted to talk a little about my trip, where i visited and where i spent a little of my free time!

here we go!

so basically, i visited 15 schools in the east coast area with a large group of my classmates. 

i really enjoyed all of the schools i visited last week and not only learned a lot about myself, but a lot about the colleges too!
of course, i had a little free time too, 

  i enjoyed all of the food places i visited, i obviously had a lot of food, thus the pictures which i will talk about later this week in more posts and etc

but overall, i know this is a short post, but i wanted to share pictures of my stuff! 

i am so excited to continue sharing my posts this week! 


kate wins!

March Month in Review

hey all!

its the end of march and i am still on my trip. today i am staying in Virginia, and once i get back to california i can share all of my images from the trip, but here i do not have access to my computer, just my phone!

so today i am sharing my march in review – minus my trip entirely.

lets go why don’t we:

first of all,

this month i hit 5,000 followers on pinterest – and counting from day to day (this image is from the first time i noticed that i hit my 5,000 and now i have about 5,700 ish! you can follow my pinterest here


this month,

i had one of my good friends birthday and we went to lunch for her birthday


i found a lilly pulitzer water bottle at my local starbucks!

i also,

had some LA food adventures



i visited some bunnies!


i will share more pictures of them at easter!


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My Carry On Necessities

hey all!

as of right now, i should be in new york, where i am staying tonight! today, since i just flew recently, i wanted to share my carry-on necessities, stuff that i like or need to fly with!

well, lets just keep going!

here we go:

  1. hydroflask water bottle
  2. swell water bottle
  3. nikon j5 camera
  4. longchamp tote
  5. notebook
  6. coloring book
  7. colored pencils
  8. hand food lotion
  9. external battery charger

i hope you enjoy!


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